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Experience the breathtaking beauty of 29th St at sunset with this stunning oil painting. The original work captures the rich colors and soft light of the moment, bringing the scene to life on a 16"X20"X1.5 gallery canvas. The piece has been varnished to protect the integrity of the colors and ensure a long-lasting, dynamic display. At $1000, this painting is a true investment in timeless art. Arrange a viewing prior to purchase to fully appreciate the depth and detail of this exquisite piece.

Item can be shipped or picked up from the Artists Baltimore studio.

29th St. Sunset

  • Shipping for individual orders will be charged a flat rate of $5. If you prefer to pick up the item, I can have it shipped directly to my studio, which will save you the shipping fee. Please inform me if you are not satisfied with the print quality. In such cases, I will refund you directly, so that you won't have to deal with any third party.

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