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Commission pricing is modeled under the belief that original artwork should be accessible to all.

Average pricing is as follows:

Watercolor paintings  begin at $50 for Original Postcards. 

Oil paintings begin at $350 

Pricing varies depending on size, subject matter, complexity, materials and the artist's time.  


Please Note: 

  • Your painting will not be an inch-by-inch recreation of an existing image (though examples are highly recommended to help me understand your style and expectations).

  • Your painting will be completed in my artistic style. This means I won’t accept commissions for highly realistic visual outcomes, representative portraits, or replicas of the work of other artists. Most importantly, I wont proceed with a commission if i don't think i can provide you with a quality outcome. 

  • My typical creative process for commissions takes eight (8) weeks. Completion factors include: my schedule at the time of acceptance, your design vision and its complexity, and final finishing and drying process. 


Commissioned Artwork 

All commissions are arranged directly with the artist  at the studio.  Commissioned artwork has a minimum non refundable down payment  requirement of  $50 for watercolors and $100 for oils .  As standard a (50%  or $100  whichever is less) non-refundable installment is required by the artist before sketches are produced.  The artist retains all copyright to the final artwork images.


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