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"Watercolor and oil artist" Baltimore based

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José Perez

Art Collection

"Watercolor and oil artist" Baltimore based



A self-taught artist originally from New York, José has been creating since he was a child. Despite never receiving formal art instruction, José has developed a distinct, refined style. Over the years, José has been inspired by a variety of subjects from urban street scenes to the beauty of nature.  Through the use of light and color, José captures the beauty of everyday life and transforms it into art. The artwork of José Perez can be found in private collections around the U.S. and overseas. 


 I believe that everyone should have access to beautiful and meaningful art. This is why I offer original, handmade pieces in a variety of price ranges and styles, so that  art lovers from all walks of life can find something that speaks to them.

My work is created with passion—never sacrificing quality regardless of budget. I invite you to explore my collection and find the piece that speaks to your unique style,

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Mount Vernon, Baltimore

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